The long awaited Imam is finally here!

Al-Mahdi has returned!

Al Mahdi, Moshiach, Christ, Maitreya are actually different names and titles of the exact same person - the Imam Al Mahdi who has come as the Avatar of the New Age, not just for any specific religious group but for all men. But this is definitely NOT the End of the World. Far from it being the end, it will be a whole new glorious beginning.

Benjamin Creme of Share International has been speaking about the imminent open emergence of the Mahdi to the every day world for several years now. In December 2008, Creme revealed that the coming of the Mahdi would be heralded by the appearance of a star in the sky (similar to star that preceded the birth of Jesus). In 2009, thousands of people saw the star in sky in multiple location. In 2010, the emergence of Al Mahdi has finally occurred at last. On February 14th, Creme announced that the Mahdi or Maitreya had made his first open appearance and given an interview on an American TV show. Since that time, the Imam has appeared on the same channel at least forty more times (He has also given several interviews on a channel in Mexico, many in Brazil, after that in Russia and now in China). He has come incognito without identifying himself as the Messiah. Though He does not belong to any nation, He has come as a Pakistani Muslim man. According to Creme, "He spoke earnestly of the need for peace, achievable only through the creation of justice and the sharing of the world's resources."

The Imam does not come to have people follow or worship him or to punish anyone. He is here to advise and teach, to show humanity a way out of the mess they have created for themselves on Earth. His message to mankind consists of this - without sharing of the world resources there can not be justice; without justice there can not be peace; without peace the world can not survive. He wants humanity to see itself as "One, brothers and sisters, and work together for the good of all". He wants the governments of all countries to guarantee the citizens of the world some basic human needs (food, shelter, health care and education) and also take better care of the planet and its environment. He also wants to correct many misunderstandings that have crept into our various religions about fate, life after death, heaven and hell and reassure men about God's infinite mercy and justice.

Some of the consequences of the Mahdi's open presence in the world:

Note that the consequences above are the natural result of the Christ's presence in the world. They are a result of the energy of Love that emanates from Him - not actually caused by some specific act of will or power on His part.

The initial television appearances in the U.S. have been followed by TV interviews in Mexico, Brazil and Russia. Soon there will be appearances in Japan, Europe and elsewhere. Within a year or at most two years, the Mahdi/Maitreya will be well known and accepted by a majority of the people of the world. Soon after that the Mahdi will be joined by Hadhrat Isa(Jesus).

Update 2/8/2011: An ethereal figure in white riding a white horse through the crowds gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, has been seen by many and even captured on video : . Benjamin Creme confirms that the Rider on the White Horse was Maitreya, the Christ giving a blessing in order to show the immensity of what the Egyptian people are doing, and that he is with them in their struggle for justice and freedom.
Download the video here. Maitreya has assured us that ultimately 'People Power' will triumph over despotic governments or a powerful military-industrial complex

Update 7/2/2012: Here He is again rescuing a wounded Syrian demonstrator -

Update 10/6/2012: A miracle girl in Kabul has words from the Koran appear on her face and hands - According to Creme this is a sign from the Mahdi/Maitreya that he will appear openly soon.

Possible reactions of the world's religions to the Coming of the Imam Mahdi:

Timeline of the Mahdi's Emergence:

Note: It has taken the Christ so long to emerge because he has to be careful not to infringe on human free will by revealing himself before humanity is ready to receive him.

Update 11/09/2016: I never put much store in the Islamic prophesy that the Coming of the Mahdi needs to be accompanied by the rise of the Dajjal. But today we have a excellent candidate for that position. Donald Trump has been elected as President of the US - the most powerful position in the world. If that prophesy is correct then Trump definitely fits the bill for being the Dajjal. Actually the real Dajjal was Hitler, but Trump is fulfilling the role of a mini one, just before the Mahdi. He is not really that evil, but he is ignorant, stupid, juvenile and vicious enough to commit evil deeds. We may have to deal with that until the Mahdi's complete emergence - hopefully not too long a wait now.

Update 03/15/2020: The Corona Virus pandemic has now hit the whole world. This is indeed a tragic thing causing immense suffering and many deaths around the world, but it may be the turning point that facilitates the emergence of the Mahdi. People finally will not be occupied with consuming/buying stuff and entertaining themselves (with celebrity scandals, football scores etc), but have to stop and think about their own survival as well as the suffering of others. It is totally wrong to think of such a natural disaster as 'an Act of God'. The 'Gods' don't cause natural disasters or pandemics. These calamities are caused by natural forces and the karma of all of humanity (as well as karma of individual nations). Americans after experiencing the shortage of goods (especially medicine), will finally understand the suffering they cause when Trump and his overfed minion Pompeo 'sanction' small defenseless countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran etc or keep refugees at the border without sufficient resources/facilities. The financial collapse in the Western world will finally change the balance of finance and power between east and west. Soon the Mahdi will reveal himself to help us out of this mess.

Update 01/05/2022: The Christ declares in Matthew 31-46 that when he returns he will not only divide humanity into two groups (the goats and the sheep), but that he will cast the goats into the 'eternal fire prepared for the devil and the angels'. The division into two groups has already taken place all over the world. But what about the 'punishment' for the goats? I hope he was just speaking metaphorically, but he did indicate that the goats would be banished in some form. In the US, UK, Canada and some parts of Western Europe, the goats have already facilitated their own banishment by becoming anti-vaccine and risking early death. In the rest of the world, especially the middle east and South Asian, I am afraid there may be a more violent clash (between goats and sheep) where the goats will be eliminated. China may also face a similar civil war and mass elimination (here the goats are the fanatical, authoritarian members of the CCP).

Update 05/07/2022: The war in Ukraine has reached a dangerous phase. Of course, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia under Putin was an illegal and criminal act, but the US and NATO are also acting irresponsibly. Arming Ukraine so that it can defend itself is fully justified, but the US and NATO should be facilitating negotiations and encouraging a cease-fire leading to a peaceful resolution. Instead by encouraging Ukraine to fight to the bitter end, they may have backed Putin into a corner. Putin may feel compelled to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine to ensure some sort of victory. In this event, the Christ may be forced to emerge immediately to prevent a nuclear holocaust. But it would a permanent mark of shame for humanity that we needed him to intervene in this way. It would be better if he came to help us in our difficulties with climate change or mass starvation rather than to stop a collective nuclear suicide. If this happens humanity will have pretty much failed as a race.

Update 10/20/2023: Karma is working at an even greater accelerated pace than ever before (after the Imam emerges it will be virtually instant). The goats are suffering the results of their actions and losing battles all over the world.

Although many innocents are suffering because of all these events I believe the Kingdom is already here and the emergence is imminent soon. However, I believe the Imam Mahdi cannot emerge before the US 2024 elections. That would mean he has to choose sides which Gods avoid at all costs - humans have to make their own choice. So my guess is that he will make his first appearance anytime after January 2025.

Update 11/25/2023:It has been six weeks since the horrific terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel. Israel has since start an unprecedented bombing campaign in Gaza which is nothing short of a major war crime. Israel's stated goal is to eliminate Hamas, but from its actions it seems Israel's main goal is to collectively punish the Gaza population with the elimination of Hamas or recovering the hostages being secondary goals. Either the IDF is too cowardly to go after Hamas in Gaza without first flattening everything standing around Hamas hideouts or their real purpose is destruction of Gaza and killing of civilians in order to terrorize them into submission. Already 15000 civilians including 6000 children are dead, many more injured and over one million rendered homeless.

These atrocities will need to be answered for when the Mahdi appears very soon. I have changed my mind - I now think the Mahdi will appear soon next year; he cannot leave the Palestinians defenseless against the Israeli onslaught. President Biden has proven himself incapable of preventing these massacres, in fact he seems to be complicit in them. Hence, it is unlikely that he can secure a second term. Since the Gods do not wish to openly take sides in elections, it is quite likely that next year's Presidential election in the US will be cancelled and Biden could very well be the last US President (but his term will still end Jan'25).

Many Israelis failed to recognize Jesus as the Messiah 2000 years ago; there is a good chance that many of them will fail to recognize the Mahdi in the same way. Many of these Israelis are simply beyond redemption (as is most of Hamas).

Another bit of news: it appears that Putin nay have died recently of a heart problem (not yet announced by the Kremlin). The current people in power in the Kremlin seem to want the war to continue, but as soon as regular Russians learn about his death, they will push to start negotiations to put an end to the conflict. Russia may join the community of normal, non-aggressive nations soon.

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